Welcome to Courtney Santana's Author and Speaker Website

Courtney Santana is a renowned public speaker, domestic violence and abuse advocate, community volunteer, and lobbyist.  She is also a well-known vocalist and actress in Austin’s live music and theater community for over 20 years.

She is now bravely ventures into the wildly exciting world of the written word as she releases her first book, Off Kilter in 2017.  This book is a compilation of years of study, introspection, and interviews that promises to be eye-opening.

But what she treasures the most is family and she is the proud wife to Gary, loving mother to Kendall and Brendan, and dutiful and caring daughter to her mother, Brenda.

She counts herself blessed because she has the opportunity to take her personal experiences, her journey, and share them with others like her, through word and song.  She calls them her survivor family.

To book Courtney for conferences, events, and speaking engagements, please email bizmgr@courtneysantana.com or call 512-308-6040.

About Courtney

There are several sides to every story and Courtney is no exception.  Learn more about Courtney, her life, her work, and her passions and how they all blend together for good.

Words and Notes

Words are Courtney's medium and she uses them to share her passion about her domestic violence work. Her first book, Off Kilter and the supporting inspirational track, Survive, link her talents to create a powerful message.


Courtney speaks for a variety of different events about domestic violence and her foundation, The Survive2Thrive Foundation, hosts events to raise awareness and funding for programs supporting the empowerment and advancement of victims of domestic violence.  Come and get inspired!